Dear Valued Customers,

With gratitude of your support for Bamboo Airways as well as for our Frequent-flyer program Bamboo Club, we would like to you: promotion up to 10% discount when purchasing qualifying points in the Bamboo Club member account.

Effective time: from 15/07/2022


1. Qualifying point purchase up to 10%

  • Qualifying points: points used to upgrade the member card. When members buy enough points to qualify for tier upgrade, their tier will be upgraded in accordance with the policy.

The tier points are valid for 12 months.

Members who purchase qualifying points will receive additional bonus points equivalent to Bamboo Club’s conversion rate.

In cases where the members account already have points, members only need to buy the remaining points needed for tier upgrade.

  • The offers are as follow:

Retail point price: 23,000 VND/point (excluding 8% VAT)

Sold by pack, each contains 100 points.


Point pack Reduction rate Adjusted price
(excluding VAT)
Final price
(including VAT)
300 – 999 0% 23,000vnd/ point 24,840vnd/ point
1,000 – 2,999 5% 21,850vnd/ point 23,598vnd/ point
3,000 and above 10% 20,700vnd/ point 22,356vnd/ point


Price calculation table for purchasing rating points by tier
(Applicable to customers who do not have rating points in their account)


Tier Qualifying points Price
(without VAT)
(include VAT)
GOLD 1000 21,850,000 23,598,000
DIAMOND 2000 43,700,000 47,196,000
FIRST 3000 62,100,000 67,068,000


2. Payment method:


Bank transfer

Members pay for the purchase of points (including the points corresponding to tier) by:

Transfer the money into Bamboo Club’s bank account:


020096866357 at Sacombank – Ha Noi branch

Transfer detail: member full name- member number- Gold/Diamond/ First tier purchase.

Confirm bank transfer details

After the payment, members send payment information to the email:  attaching the transfer bill, Bamboo Club will check and confirm the payment.

  • If you are already a member of Bamboo Club, please send the member number + address where you wish to receive the card (during working hours).
  • If you are not a member yet, please send a picture of the front of national ID card or passport to sign up to be a member of Bamboo Club + address where you wish to receive the card (during working hours).

Bamboo Club processes the point purchase transaction, tier upgrade, card printing and delivery to members withtin 15 working days since confirmation of payment.

While waiting for your card, members can use the information/ picture of card tier in the member account or Bamboo Airways’ mobile app to enjoy the benefits.

Customers can refer to Member Privileges and Membership Eligibility  from Bamboo Club in the embedded links.

3. The discount will not be applied for online qualifying points purchase transactions.

Qualifying points purchase

The original price will be displayed when making transactions via Member portal. (23,000 VND/point)

To purchase qualifying points, please select the Top-up Points section after signing in at Bamboo Airways’ website and follow the instruction to purchase points.



4. Contact:

Bamboo Club hotline19001133 (fee: 1,000 vnd/ minute)


Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways

If you are not yet a member of Bamboo Club, please sign up HERE.

Our sincere thanks!