Identification Documents and Visa

Passengers are required to to present forms of identifications documents at check-in. 

1. Passenger from 14 years of age when checking in for domestic flights need one of the following identification types: 

>>> Vietnamese nationals 

– Passport or Travel Document, separate visa, permanent residence card, temporary residence card. 

– Identity card; 

– Military Identity card; Certificate of the People’s Public Security granted to People’s Public Security officers and non-commissioned officers on duty with permanent profession; Limited-term certificate for non-commissioned officers and soldiers; workers, employees; temporary recruiting staff on duty in the People’s Public Security force. certificate of People’s Army officer; professional servicemen, workers and defense officers; Card of non-commissioned officers and soldiers in active service; Card of professional servicemen and non-commissioned officers, reserve soldier; 

– Communist Party of Vietnam membership card; 

– Press Identity card; 

– Car, motorbike driving license; Note that IDP license issued by Vietnam is not valid for domestic use according to the provision of Circular No. 29/2015 / TT-BGTVT dated July 6, 2015 issued by the Ministry of Transport. 

– Aviation Security control card; 

– National Security Aviation Committee card; 

– Bamboo Airways Identity card; 

– National Assembly membership card; 

– Certifying form by authorities about passenger ‘s sentenced completion. 

>>> Non – Vietnamese nationalities  

– National Passport; 

– Travel Document; 

– Loose – leaf Visa; 

– Vietnam permanent residence card issued by immigration authority to a foreigner who is allowed to reside in Vietnam without expired date and is valid for visa replacement; 

– Vietnam temporary residence card issued by an immigration authority or a competent authority under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a foreigner who is allowed to reside within a specific period in Vietnam and is valid for a visa replacement; 

– Identity card issued by diplomatic or consular office to members of diplomatic, consular offices and representative offices of international organizations; 

– Aviation Security control card; 

– Bamboo Airways Identity card; 

– Driving license (car, motorbike) of Vietnam. In case of using a foreign driving license, you have to carry an international driving permit (IDP) and a national driving license issued to the passenger in compliance with the provision of Circular No. 29/2015 / TT -BGTVT dated 6/7/2015 by the Ministry of Transport. 

In case passport loss, a diplomatic note from the diplomatic mission or consulate of the host country bearing the nationality or official letter of the foreign affairs or police office of the locality where the loss of personal identity and Passport with portrait pictures and stamp is required. Diplomatic note is valid within 30 days since the date of confirmation. 

2. Passengers under 14 years old (Children/Infants) without a passport or with a parent’s passport when checking in for domestic flights need one of the following identification types: 

– Birth Certificate, birth Certifying Form (infants under one (01) month old); 

– Certifying form by a social organization for children under the patronage of that organization. This certifying form shall be valid within 6 months since the date of confirmation. 

– Passengers’ travel documents as referred above shall meet the following conditions: 

  • Original travel documents are still valid; 

  • Birth Certificate and Birth Certifying Form must be the original ones or copy one certified by notarial office with legal status complying with the resolution No.23/2015/NĐ-CP dated 16/02/2015 issued by the Government. 

  • Documents without photos or photos without complying with the Government laws shall not be accepted, except for Birth Certificates, Birth Certifying Form, documents issued by competent authority proving the escort. 

3. Passengers who are criminals, suspects, being relocated, extradited or expelled at processing the flight procedures only need documents issued by the competent authority to prove as the escort; The escort passenger presents the documents specified in section A. 

4. The passenger’s document used when traveling must satisfy the following conditions: 

– Identity card are original and still valid for use; 

– In case a birth certificate or birth certificate is used, it must be the original or a certified copy, a copy from the original book as prescribed in Decree No. 23/2015/ND-CP dated February 16, 2015 of the Government; 

– Papers will not be accepted if there are no photos or photos not as prescribed by law, except for birth certificates, birth certificates, document of competent agencies proving the escort.